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Auspoint Medical Cosmetic Clinic Perth
At Auspoint Medical Cosmetic Clinic Perth we have the expertise, the latest technologies and products to assist our clients in improving the health of their skin, in order to make it look as fresh and natural as best possible for the age.

In Australia we are very fortunate to have much more sunshine and an outdoor lifestyle compared to many other places in the world. However, this brings the disadvantage that sun exposure can cause skin damage, and result in premature aging. It is known that the skin of people living in Australia ages much earlier than in other countries, such as America or Europe. It has been shown that about 80% of the aged appearance of the skin is due to sun damage. Early intervention can delay the onset of these changes, and also slow their progression.
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Obviously prevention is better than treatment for sun-damaged skin, but when the damage has occurred there are medical cosmetic treatments and procedures that can help in remedying the damage.
Of course it is not only sun exposure that can result in aged skin but also the process of aging itself. The aging changes of the skin can start from about the age of thirty. Other factors, such as smoking, diet, stress and sleep deficiency can also hasten skin aging.

While we cannot reverse the effects of aging we can, at Auspoint, Medical Cosmetic Clinic Perth through cosmetic medical treatment, help maintain a younger looking skin for longer.
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